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Little Victories in a Great Online Community

tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Member
in General 1106 karma

We're in the midst of test time once again, and I just wanted to take a moment to say that no matter what your outcome, don't forget to reflect on the little victories in the study process.

I hit 1000 karma points today and was super excited about it XD. While my first thought was "lol sis you need to do something other than comment on 7sage" my next thought was "Why do I comment on 7sage so much?"

And the answer is simple. It's because you all are such a supportive community. Seeing how much everyone wants to help each other makes me want to help others that much more. So cheers you all 7sagers :) Surely one of the best support systems out there!


  • WhatIsLifeWhatIsLife Member
    810 karma

    Now you can add "7sage 1000 karma club" on your law school application resume! lol jk but yeah celebrating the little things in life is really important, especially in situations like this where your on a marathon studying for a test that may effect the rest of your life!

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