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What are everyone's study schedules?

emmorensemmorens Core Member
in General 1470 karma

Hey all! I'm finding it particularly difficult studying from home. At the library there is nothing else to do so it's easier to stay focused and grind for a few hours straight. I'm wondering what everyone else's day-to-day study schedules look like.

1) How much / what do you aim to get done per day? (ie: I try to do a section of each per day)
2) Do you grind for hours straight, or do an hour or two / break / a couple more hours? (I'm currently wondering if the latter would actually be more productive for me, I try to just grind it out but it's clearly not working haha.)

I aim to do a section of each + blind review per day but am unsure about how to go about scheduling my time because I find the BR & review are what slow me down / exhaust me before I'm ready to do another timed section.

Maybe it would be better to schedule timed sections pretty close together and BR all of them the second half of the day?

Would love for anyone to share their study schedules below/if you have any tips or feedback I would also appreciate it!

Thanks 🤍


  • dawgslaw123dawgslaw123 Alum Member
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    The one good thing that online college has allowed me to do is to do all my work for classes MWF and fully dedicate T/Th to LSAT... last semester was the opposite with MWF LSAT and T/Th classwork... Leads to long days but it works really well and helps me avoid burnout. Take 1 PT every T/Th and 1 LG section every day.

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