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How to Study When You're Out of Fresh Study Material

SSBM1000SSBM1000 Member
edited March 2021 in General 614 karma


I got back my February LSAT score, and while it's good, I want to retake the LSAT in August because I know I can do better based on my preptests, and I'm hoping to improve even more. However, I've used up all fresh preptest material, so I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to properly study when I've already seen all the preptest material?


  • love2learnlove2learn Free Trial Member
    252 karma

    Drill your weak spot(s) and then maybe just start from the first preptests you took as you might not remember the specific questions as much. best part is that you can compare your wrong answers from the two to analyze how well you learned from your mistakes

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