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Writing sample Nightmare

Nadzter19Nadzter19 Monthly Member
edited April 2021 in April 2021 LSAT 123 karma

I learned a lesson this morning. Turn off your phone prior to taking any test. I started writing my essay and not even 2 minutes in my alarm went off. My phone had an alarm set that I forgot to turn off. It was in the next room and it was so LOUD. When it went off I went into complete shock. I went through so many emotions. I took a few slow breaths to try to calm down. I couldn’t get up and turn it off and the proctor will hear it. I tried my best to put coherent sentences together. Luckily I did the pros/cons in a separate piece of paper. Finally after what it seemed 20-25 minutes of hearing the alarm, it finally turned off. I spent the remaining time trying to make sense of the whole essay. Now sure what to do at this point. My score may be delayed. Turn off your phones prior to taking the test!


  • Cravath170Cravath170 Monthly Member
    135 karma

    I had the same thing happen to me. I called LSAC immediately after I completed the test and told them to cancel. I then retook the test with a new prompt and everything worked out!

  • Nadzter19Nadzter19 Monthly Member
    123 karma

    I called Lsac and they told me I will need to wait until they flag it. :(

  • Nadzter19Nadzter19 Monthly Member
    123 karma

    They just approved it. :neutral:

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