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Writing sample nightmare, still haven't taken it...

Iron-HanIron-Han Alum Member
in General 184 karma

Sat down to do my writing sample last night (because I'm a procrastinator/didn't have stable wifi access before now) and 12 minutes in it crashes. Called PSI tech support and was on hold for an hour before I gave up and went to bed. Called PSI again first thing the next morning and they canceled my old writing session. Then I had to call LSAC and wait 35 minutes on hold, they give me a new link for LSAT Writing but tell me the link won't work until 9PM and that if I want access sooner I need to call PSI and have them unlock it. So I call PSI, and am on the phone with them for an hour and a half only to find out they can't unlock it and that I should call LSAC and have them unlock it?! So back on the phone with LSAC, one hour later and the representative just tells me I should try again in a few days "to be safe" but that if I wanted to take it it won't be open until 12PM tomorrow now. Is this real life or a sick game? Either way, likely won't get a score until Christmas at this rate. Rant over - just really had to get that out.


  • amaka.okonmaamaka.okonma Alum Member
    126 karma

    So sorry you had to go through this. However if it’s any consolation, I did my writing sample 11/23 and it was approved today! (11/25). So you might not have to wait till Christmas to see your score :)

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