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LR Tips/Help- Highly Accurate on LR but can only finish 18-20 questions


I have a high accuracy rate on the LR, getting -1 or -2 but I can only get to question 18-20 and have to guess on the remaining questions. Does anyone have any tips on how to improve on this?


  • Lime Green DotLime Green Dot Member
    edited May 2021 1384 karma

    Hi! I've been in your boat before. Long story short, you've got to skip. You're spending too long on questions you could perhaps get right much faster or might get right faster if you had the benefit of a second round to check over the questions you found truly difficult and weren't just overinvesting time in.

    This also involves self-understanding of your confidence level. You need to push your own timing boundaries to the point where it can feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning to 'finish' a question quickly. What you're doing, however, is putting time into your 2nd round bank, which is invaluable, b/c among other reasons, that 2nd look can reveal things that might not have been easily mined by being 'stuck' on a question the first time.

    Search the discussion forum for more, but here are a couple of threads to get you started on this road:

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