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Return of in-person campus visits?

galacticgalactic Yearly Member

Hi there 7Sage neighborhood, has anyone heard anything about when law schools are opening in-person campus visits back up?


  • SupernoviceSupernovice Alum Member
    323 karma

    My school "intends" to be back fully in-person after the Summer session. Of course, whatever that means, no one really knows and all emails regarding the subject desperately reek of vagueness. Lots of "we hope's" and "our plan is" and "we think we's." It's all incredibly boring in a rather important life or death kind of way.

    I like that they will say, "It's safe to come back to school. We will operate under the following restrictions: blah, blah, blah, etc." But, you just said it was safe. So, why these restrictions? "Because there is still a chance....blah, blah, etc." Okay, if there is a chance and online has ben working for 3 semesters now, why would we take that "chance" as an institution? Is it perhaps, you wanna keep charging us full tuition and can't justify that when a professor can do this from her bedroom instead of 62 people driving downtown to all meet in a room and stand 6' apart with masks on, then fight traffic home? Pretty sure I am onto something here.

    The whole thing makes no sense.

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