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Need RC tutor for June Test

alienman1000alienman1000 Monthly Member

So I took a PT yesterday and I got the highest I ever got (a 166). I am very proud of myself but I didn't do as hot as I wanted on RC (7 wrong) and this is actually my best with an average of 8 on RC. I need someone to help me get my RC average down a little bit. Even untimed I can't dominate RC. Thanks! Hoping to pay in the range of $30-50 a session


  • Juliet --Student Service--Juliet --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    4919 karma

    Hi @alienman1000,

    We have a list of approved private tutors here:

    This is our required disclaimer: Please note that 7Sage takes no responsibility for anything that happens during these tutor sessions. We are unaffiliated with these tutors, and do not receive any commissions or kickbacks from them. We are not vouching for them in any way other than we expect they would make good tutors. To become a tutor, you must be either a star (⭐️ ) member or a Sage and be approved by 7Sage staff.

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