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Longer RC Passages?

I just did the May 2020 Flex LSAT as practice and noticed the RC passages are significantly more verbose than the earlier exams. My reading time is close to 3.5 minutes usually but I am noticing I took a longer time to read these. Did anyone else feel like this threw them off? How can I combat this in time for my June test?


  • DripOwens12DripOwens12 Alum Member
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    I've totally been feeling this with most of the 80s RC...I know this may not be all that helpful/ sound pretty cliche but I've definitely found that focusing more on structure and trying to hear the authors voice helps me cut through the wordiness. To kinda piggy back off the importance of structure, I've also realized that assigning frameworks (problem/solution, old view vs new view, noteworthy figure, etc.) to tough passages also helps me get through them a little more easily! I'd definitely take a look at the "Find a Framework" video that LSATLab posted on youtube (:

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