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LSAC Email saying I haven't scheduled for a time although I have?

jwk291291jwk291291 Alum Member
edited June 2021 in June 2021 LSAT 249 karma

Hi everyone,

So I recently got an email from LSAC saying I need to schedule my June Flex test, when I basically did so as soon as the option popped up on ProctorU back on the 3rd. I was wondering if anyone else was in this situation. Should I just ignore the email? Thanks.


  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Alum Member
    1106 karma

    Did you use the password reset loophole to schedule your time before the official email was sent? My speculation is if you did that, LSAC doesn't have record of you clicking the link in their official email, and that's why you got the email.

    Anyway, just double check your Proctor U and be sure a scheduled test is there. It's probably safe to ignore the email. If you need that extra peace of mind to be sure, email LSAC

  • jwk291291jwk291291 Alum Member
    249 karma

    @tahurrrrr Uhhh I didn't, but I was able to sign up around 2-3 hours before just by logging in with my ProctorU account. The option just happened to be there, and I took it. Makes sense that the LSAC doesn't have any record of that.

    I also just called LSAC, and they said everything looked fine, so I guess I'm good. Thanks though!

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