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Should I cancel my score? LSAT Flex

Hi 7Sage community,

I just finished taking the June LSAT Flex and came out of it completely blindsided with the level of difficulty and don't think I did well on it. I already have a canceled score back from 2019, when LSAT was doing the promotion to see your score and then cancel. Back then, I had not even studied and basically took the test as a diagnostic and cancelled my score. After this test, which I don't feel good about at all, I would like some insight on whether it would be better for me to cancel my score. But in doing so I will have two cancelled scored out of three tests taken, which I don't how badly will impact how I look to law schools Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


Cancel Score Question
  1. Should I cancel my score?19 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • Jahn.SnowJahn.Snow Alum Member
    316 karma

    What I heard is you cancel if something out of your control caused a low score (ex: felt sick in the middle of the exam, some unavoidable distraction, etc.) Otherwise, it's better to provide more information than less. A low score + subsequent higher score provides more details than a C and a subsequent higher score. Again, this is what I've heard from tutors and what makes sense to me, but ultimately it's your decision!

    You always have the addendum to explain your scores further, and remember most schools take your highest LSAT. I remember seeing a story on here of a person who took the exam 5 times and went to yale! Not sure if they canceled any scores or not, but the point is that you don't have to have a perfect LSAT journey to reach your goals, what matters is your end result.

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