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Does course load or the difficulty of courses matter?

BerserkeleyBerserkeley Alum Member
edited June 2021 in Law School Admissions 56 karma

I am a Junior at UC Berkeley, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Japanese.
I was just wondering if T6 law schools would look into what kind of courses you took in undergrad? Do I have to impress them by taking many "difficult classes"? My GPA is not very impressive and I am trying to boost it up as much as I can before I graduate. If GPA is the only thing they care, I will just take a lot of relatively more fun History/Sociology classes to secure my gpa and polish my writing skill. Catching two birds with one stone...


  • TheMommaBearTheMommaBear Alum Member
    348 karma

    They care about the GPA. I don’t believe they take into account difficulty of courses or degree as a whole.

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