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Whether to take August LSAT

Hey all, I'm feeling a little bit discouraged, and unsure on whether to take the August LSAT. I hit two 165's about a month ago, and was feeling optimistic that I would be able to make a break through either on test day or before the actual date, but my PT's have since gone down (163, and then 161, 161). If I walked out with a 167 or a 168 on test day I'd be happy.... Is it crazy to register for the August LSAT knowing that I have 6 weeks to improve a few points from my best? BR scores fluctuate from 169 to 178, so I know that somewhere in my brain, I do know the material... I also have a track record of performing better under pressure, so I feel that walking out of the test with a personal best, though unlikely, is not entirely out of the question.

I'm hoping to apply this cycle, and I'm trying to strategically pick between the August, October, and November test dates, knowing that I want to give myself the option of taking the test a few times. LG is my best section, and I'm wondering if the weight of the August test should be a factor in my decision.

Any advice or inspiration or solidarity would be greatly appreciated. I'm feeling very down on myself for poor performance these past few weeks, and I really had my heart set on applying this cycle. Do ya'll recommend just resetting expectations for next year to save myself heartache and disappointment? I just turned 25 and am feeling a little existential about being too old to start law school in another two years, and staying in a toxic job for an extra year before starting school.

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