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Is this the best way to nail RC?

autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Alum Member

I am starting to prepare for the August test after taken the June test. RC is my worst section and I wasn't really following a specific strategy before. Should I be focusing mainly on just structure, main point, and tone as im reading?


  • Cynthia-2Cynthia-2 Alum Member
    498 karma

    What has helped me with RC, I have improved dramatically just in the past month by doing one thing, and that is by actively reading. What I mean is, as I am reading I pretend to be interested, alot of the reading is boring and natutally our brains want to fall asleep. That along has helped me, also be very careful with wording , sometimes just one word in the AC will make the answer completely wrong. Read everything word by word putting attention to each word.

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