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Logic Games Timing Confusion?

Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
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Hi all,

I understand that a lot of 7Sagers fool proof games so they they can eventually do each game in a section at or below the time suggestion noted on the 7Sage LG explanation videos. I completed the LG section from PT 11 and thankfully got all the questions correct under 35 minutes. However, for games 1 and 2 I was under time, and games 3 and 4 I was over time (ex. for game 1, the time suggestion was 7.5 minutes but i completed the game in 6 minutes. for game 3, the time recommendation was 11 minutes, but I took 13 minutes). I wanted to know if this indicates that I have timing issues or if its perfectly okay and normal to be quicker on one or two games in a section and take a little longer on games 3 and 4 if that means I am finishing the section in 35 minutes? Appreciate your help!


  • LSAT LizardLSAT Lizard Monthly Member
    edited July 2021 323 karma

    The times are very fast and though they are a useful goalpost for single logic games, ultimately finishing a full 4-game section from a single preptest in 35 minutes is the true arbiter of your LG speed abilities.

    I find that if I'm taking a full preptest section and want to meet the target times, I have to purposefully refuse to double check things even if I have time left over after answering everything. So you have to choose a bit between 'I really want to get all of these right' and 'I really want to hit the 7sage target times.' I generally ignore target times when I'm taking a full set of four games from the same test, but pay close attention to them when I'm doing one-off games or mixes of games from different tests.

  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Alum Member
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    For full sets, as long as you can finish in 35 minutes and be right, there's nothing to worry about

  • Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
    919 karma

    @Tennysoj Thanks so much! This was helpful insight

  • Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
    919 karma

    @tahurrrrr thanks so much!

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