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Tips on closing the gap -0 LG

in Logic Games 296 karma

Hey ya'll, I'm consistently between -5 and -1 on LG sections while I'm PT'ing, but hitting that -0 either in drills or BR... Do you have any tips for closing the gap? How do I manifest the knowledge I knowI have from BR into the actual game? I've been foolproofing games 1-35, but any constructive tips (maybe it's time to move out of the oldest psets) would be useful! Should I be focusing on timing now?


  • Cynthia-2Cynthia-2 Alum Member
    498 karma

    Take a stack of ten games and do them over and over and over again daily until mastery, then take ten more and do o the same. repeat them so much that you'll be able to do them in your sleep. I went from missing 9 a month ago, to consistently -0 doing this it works. There's no other magic solution other than do them til you're blue in the face

  • 296 karma

    Thank you!

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