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lsat2021-2lsat2021-2 Alum Member

Hey guys - Does anyone have any general tips for Inference (author's perspective) or any inference on RC? It seems to be my weakest point and really wanted some tips on this.


  • JohnathanJohnathan Monthly Member
    61 karma

    @LSATSummer2021 - For inference questions in RC you want to understand point of view the Q is asking about; correct answer will follow from the passage but will probably use different language that the passage does (watch out for distortion). I always paraphrase the author's purpose & main idea in my roadmap like this: (AU) [both lawyers and doctors are guilty of misunderstanding the other, and the two groups should resolve their differences]. Use P/MI to eliminate; research text that is close to emphasis/opinion keywords. Watch out for any answer choices that are extreme, a 180 or outside the scope...Hope this helps!

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