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Which inference about your actual LSAT ability does your BR score most strongly support?

jaredj229jaredj229 Alum Member
edited October 2015 in General 110 karma
So I've gotten through 17 PTs, and until the last couple of weeks my BR score has consistently been between 173-177, although it jumped around spastically within that range. A few weeks ago, that suddenly jumped to a consistent 178-179. Then, four tests ago, I FINALLY got a 180 and I've managed to do the same on each test since. I'm curious, for those who have a good number of PTs under their belts, did your BR scores follow a similar pattern? It was a little odd to me how they seemed to move in such discrete steps. And once you got to that point, did your actual scores level off as well, or did they continue to improve afterwards? I'm still not quite where I want to be and I'm hoping that my BR is indicating that I've mastered my fundamentals and may see a corresponding increase in my true score if I keep at it!


  • allison.gill.sanfordallison.gill.sanford Alum Inactive Sage
    1128 karma
    Oddly enough, I was in the 177-180 range on BR early on, then it went down to 171-172; I'm still trying to get back up in the higher range, but the major shift for me was the more modern tests (I have lower BRs right now with the 70s series tests). Hoping to get it back, of course, once I learn what has thrown me off about these newer tests.
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    My BR scores never left the very high 170's once they got there.
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