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Worse at Easier RC Passages?

bananabacabananabaca Alum Member

I am consistently worse at easier RC passages than the harder ones. For example, I just took a PT section with two level 2 passages, and two level 4 difficulty passages and I got four wrong just within one level 2 passage.

Any advice would help! Or if anyone can speak from experience - this has been a consistent problem of mine- I am always better at the harder passages and get at least 2x more questions wrong in the easier passages!


  • bananabacabananabaca Alum Member
    41 karma

    Also a common thing is that the passages are about ART! any advice on how to do better on ART RC sections?

  • defeatRCdefeatRC Alum Member
    69 karma

    I feel the same! Also looking for help!

  • elevator_musicelevator_music Monthly Member
    151 karma

    I actually have the same problem---give me a tough science passage or a verbose humanities one and I'm all set. However, for me it comes down to preference of subject matter--science and basically anything in humanities is great; Econ is the worst for me for whatever reason. Do you find that it could be partly a problem of subject preference? Another issue for me is that sometimes with easier passages or subject matter I'm very familiar with I just fly through the passage but don't actually take the same care in really reading through them so when it comes to the questions I have blind spots. Basically, I'm trying to slow myself down even on passages that I think are easy/familiar because there's nothing worse than getting to the questions and realize you did not actually retain anything because you were on a joy ride with the passage.

  • emmorensemmorens Monthly Member
    1469 karma

    ME TOO, I literally got every question right on a four star and missed like 3 questions on a 1 star LMAO.

    I'm not sure how you have been practicing but I had been practicing consistently with 4/5 star passages, thinking that it would help. It did help for the harder passages but I noticed I began making the 1/2 stars more complicated than they had to be. I would second guess right answer choices because it felt 'too easy' etc.

    I think it was a superficial difficulty, I just needed more practice dealing with that particular difficulty level, so practicing with some 1/2 start passages to get comfortable definitely helped me. I would recommend starting your day with maybe a 1 or 2 start passage and see if you notice improvement!

  • giulia.pinesgiulia.pines Member
    edited July 2021 466 karma

    Based on experience in PTs, I think the "easier" passages can have harder questions. For example, I often think I do quite well on arts/humanities passages and worse on science and law passages, but it often ends up being the other way around! I think LSAT writers love to throw in a passage that looks easier on the surface (something about a well-known painter, for example, or film) so we think "fun!" and then they hit us with the really obscure questions, or the ones that are all inferences.

  • bananabacabananabaca Alum Member
    41 karma

    @elevator_music omg yes i totally agree- on passages where i actually like the content, i get more questions wrong- maybe those are the ones i should actually read more carefully! thank you!

  • bananabacabananabaca Alum Member
    41 karma

    @emmorens definitely going to try that! thank you!

  • bananabacabananabaca Alum Member
    41 karma

    @"giulia.pines" good point! i agree- maybe i need to stop judging the passages on difficulty and just overall read carefully and answer the questions carefully. i think i might be too fixated on the actual difficulty of passages

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