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Took a break and my score dropped 6 points

Isaac BensaidIsaac Bensaid Member
edited July 2021 in Study Guides/Cheat Sheets 69 karma

Took a one weak break from testing and my score dropped 6 points. What happened ? How do i maintain my score until test day ?


  • tamjg1564tamjg1564 Member
    31 karma

    I would say first of all I think it's a good thing you took a break just because it showed you this 6 point gap which means you can better prepare to avoid that on test day. I would say first review your test and make sure that you completely understand everything, and then from then on mainly focus on drilling and do maybe 2 PT's a week, or more if you mentally can, just make sure that you do not burn yourself out before test day! and remember, score fluctuation is normal and It should be happening because it is allowing you to learn more about the test and yourself! best of luck!

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