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How reliable is the 7sage 3 section scoring calculator

yeasm22syeasm22s Alum Member
in General 217 karma

Hi! does anyone have any idea about how 7sage scores 3 sections and if that's reliable?

For example I took PT85 now and have -1(RC), 0 (LG), -6 (LR 1st section), -6 (LR 2nd section), missed questions is 4 sections which gets me a score of 168 (4 sections calculated), but if I get rid of one of the LR sections from being scored (switching to flex mode/only 3 sections for scoring) it shows up as 172.

Does anyone have any recommendations for scoring 3 sections while practicing with 4 sections?


  • Juliet --Student Service--Juliet --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    edited July 2021 4919 karma

    Hi @yeasm22s,

    The scaled scores generated from Flex mode on our Digital Tester use the same methodology as our Flex Score Convertor which is based on having the same raw to scaled conversion table, but scored as though there was only one LR section (one half of the usual amount) with the raw score scaled up to account for reduction in number of questions. Because no one outside of LSAC knows how the scoring will actually be done, this is just an educated guess.

    However, I have noted your concerns, and I will pass them on to my team.

  • joec2383joec2383 Alum Member
    10 karma

    @yeasm22s &/or @"Juliet --Student Service--" - how do we 'remove' a section from a PT in order for it not to be considered for scoring?

  • Juliet --Student Service--Juliet --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    4919 karma

    Hi @joec2383,

    To simulate LSAT Flex, check the box labeled "Simulate Flex" next to the PrepTest name in the digital tester. This will skip the second LR section. See the screenshot below:


    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

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