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New LSAT- 4th Experimental Section

vspicy23vspicy23 Member
in General 190 karma

Hi everyone!

So i’m sure everyone knows that the August LSAT is now 4 sections, one of which is experimental, therefore it’s not being scored. Since 7Sage doesn’t have the option to take a 4 section exam with one un-scored section, do you guys think taking a PT test will provide an accurate measure of what score we will get? Also, if we get a high score on the PT does that mean there’s a good chance we won’t score as high on the actual test? All thoughts/responses are appreciated ! :)


  • defeatRCdefeatRC Member
    77 karma

    I have the same concerns!

  • rohinbalkundirohinbalkundi Member
    9 karma

    What ive been doing is I take the 3 normal sections from the newer preptests and then take a random section (I use a random number generator) from 1-35 to simulate the 4th section, and i treat the review the same as normal

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