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Repeating RC passages

RedRidingHood-1RedRidingHood-1 Monthly + Live Member

I just went through the memory method curriculum. Is it useful to do the drill again with the same passage if you don't remember everything the first time (after a couple of days) or is it not worth it to do that with RC?


  • zoomzoomzoomzoom Alum Member
    462 karma

    Give yourself some distance between those passages and revisit them a few days later to apply the technique. There is nothing wrong with repeating passages but some distance will help you refine the technique.

    I also want to note that you can literally apply the Memory Method anywhere, anytime. It's literally about forcing your brain to remember as much as possible. The more you test it out, the better you'll get at remembering.

    So I encourage you - try it out on a blog, an article, a newspaper, whatever. Bite off a few paragraphs and apply your technique there.

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