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August LSAT

laneward6laneward6 Core Member

Am I confused or wouldn’t I be able to see an accurate depiction of my lsat score for this upcoming august lsat by just taking the flex version that 7 sage offers? I know that the august lsat will be four sections but since one of the sections is not scored does it really matter if you take all four sections on the practice PTs. I feel like taking the four section PTs gives me an inaccurate score since 7 sage grades the fourth “ experimental section.”


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    i was thinking this same thing. keep taking flexes. maybe take a couple 4 section ones just to get used to the extra load. if you do taje a four section one then dont count the second lr section and manually recalculate your score.

  • jenleevajenleeva Member
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    I've been taking the 7sage flex tests with three sections for an accurate score, but I always start my practice test with a random problem set of LG, RC, or LR. This way, I'm replicating testing conditions with four tests (take a 10 min break after your 2nd section), but I'm getting an accurate score for the flex portion.

  • natz.lm15natz.lm15 Live Member
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    tysm for doing this discussion, i was wondering what i should be doing either practicing full lsat tests or flex form, i was a little confused.

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    Take all 4 sections. The LSAT is testing your mental discipline just as much as it's testing your reasoning abilities. Practice hard so you can make it easier for yourself on test day.

  • GeneralCherry4GeneralCherry4 Core Member
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    In my opinion, it's better to take all four sections because your performance can vary (albeit minutely) between the two LR sections based on the difficulty and distribution of question types and you want as full a picture of your strengths and weaknesses as possible.

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    There is not "experimental section" in the PTs on 7sage. When the LSAT was on paper it had 2 LR 1 LG 1 RC and then a fifth "experimental section". So 7Sage is not grading an experimental section.

    My advice because this is a standardized test is that you should be taking the full length tests as this is how they were intended to be taken. When you check the flex box and do a 3 section test they estimate what your score would have been, basically by multiplying by 2 whatever you got wrong the LR section to account for the fact you only did one section. This means whatever score you get is not as accurate because the test is not only about your raw score it also has to do with your standing compared to other takers that day. When the test you were taking was actually administered it had 4 graded sections, that one LR you took could have been harder or easier than the one you did not.

    Additionally, the August flex will be 4 sections and it is probably best to train for that reality having to do 4*35 minute sections. You will not know which section is experimental on test day either. Also 4th section could be any of LR, RC, or LG which is different than PTs but the best we have.

    In short take the full PT it will give you a more accurate gauge of where you are scoring and will better train you for test day.

  • lazarus7lazarus7 Alum Member
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    Yes. Take 4 sections. All the accuracy and skills in the world do not mean anything if you do not have the endurance to perform and execute on test day.

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