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Anyone been denied a makeup test due to “repeated section”?

majilatmajilat Member
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Hey y’all, I had something really strange happen to me and I’m wondering if this happened to someone else. I faced “connectivity issues” when I took the LSAT flex so I called the LSAC immediately after to request a makeup test that week - an option I only learned existed through this forum (their website says nothing about it). I called again on the makeup test day to ask why my request was denied and I was told on the phone by an LSAC representative that I was ineligible for a makeup because one of the sections on the makeup test was the exact same one I had on the test I took. I thought it was really odd that a makeup test would have a repeated section as this obviously denies some test takers the chance to sit for it should things go awry during the test. Has anyone else been told this by LSAC? What do you know about the eligibility criteria for a makeup test? The lack of transparency is deeply concerning.


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    there's a powerscore podcast on this. the issue needs to be catastrophic (from lsac's point of view). if it was only a couple of seconds (or even 1, 2 minutes), you likely won't be granted a retake.
    lsac conducts investigations and decides if it warrants a retake.

    denying a makeup test because you would have a repeated section seems bizarre to me.

  • majilatmajilat Member
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    Bizarre to say the least. I contacted them almost three weeks ago and have yet to hear back why I was denied a makeup test and whether the “repeated section” bit was misleading information.

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