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Proper way to review RC section

pugloverpuglover Monthly Member

I'm a bit confused how to to approach reviewing the RC section. Of course tracking wrong answers and why I got them wrong. Writing down question types I struggle with. Possibly re-taking the section? But is there anything I can do beyond this for improvement?

I'm not really sure where to begin. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


  • Glutton for the LSATGlutton for the LSAT Alum Member
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  • lizzogonzolizzogonzo Alum Member
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    Something that helped me for all sections was reflecting on my process. After the section I walked myself through how I approached things, whether I was able to understand the passage, how I got to right answers/how I fell for trap answers, etc.

    Do you know your process at the moment? What range are you hitting right now? For me, I find RC a section that really depends on the individual's own habits and reading skills. Because the type of advice folks can give you on here depends on what you specifically do/don't do. But hope what I said helps a little bit!

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
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    I would try untimed sections, take that stressor out of it. Can you get to 85-100% correct? At that point, give yourself some time limits and slowly reduce your time as you gain accuracy. The reason I suggest this is that it will make you more efficient in reading and understanding of the passages, and make it harder for you to fall for those trap answers. You can do this as a blind review, with new sections, or with sections you've done in the past, all have value in strengthening RC. Best of luck!

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