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Posting on Behalf of a 7Sage User: Need Help with Basic Translation: Group 4

Cherry - Student ServiceCherry - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
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[I am posting on behalf of a 7Sage user. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for your help!]

I really need assistance in understanding this lesson: Basic Translation: Group 4

I am not clear on two things.
1) How do you understand that None is an indicator and not negation.
ex. /A->ADP instead of your choice of A->ADP ?

2) The rule states to pick either idea and translate. I am confused with step 3 and step 4.


  • Glutton for the LSATGlutton for the LSAT Alum Member
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    To put it simply: Whenever you see group 4 indicators, they are logically equivalent to the phrase "all...are not."

    For example, consider the phrase, "None of the doctors working here are lawyers."

    This phrase is equivalent to, "All of the doctors here are not lawyers."

    To get more technical, the above equivalence exemplifies why you have to symbolize group 4 indicators as universal conditionals whose consequence is a negation (i.e., the right part of the arrow is a negation). If this is a bit confusing to you, I suggest really working through and memorizing how to symbolize each group. This is important for some LR questions on the LSAT.

  • WinningHereWinningHere Member
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    This, for example, none, I just remember "no A's are B's" and to diagram such that A----->/B.

  • hoodm1947hoodm1947 Free Trial Member
    edited March 2023 6 karma

    I'm having trouble translating, too. It is quite difficult to navigate in an unfamiliar language. That's why I found where I can get help from qualified professionals. And the accuracy of the translation is guaranteed.

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