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How to improve RC?

JDhopeful2021JDhopeful2021 Alum Member
edited September 2021 in Reading Comprehension 106 karma

I did pretty well on RC of old tests (usually -1 to -3), but on the newer PTs, I've been going -5 to -7. I'm taking the October LSAT and the RC of recent tests have me worried... does anyone have any advice on how to improve on the newer RC sections? #help


  • LivinLaVidaLSATLivinLaVidaLSAT Alum Member
    edited November 2021 410 karma

    You should check out PowerScore Podcast Ep. 41: RC Skill Tests. They describe ways to self-assess specific skills to help you pinpoint problem areas and tell you what to do about them.
    Self-assessment tests for:
    1. Broad vs. Detail Reading
    2. Diagramming
    3. Comprehension
    4. Speed
    5. Prediction
    6. Prephrasing
    7. Teaching

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Alum Member
    855 karma

    Are you getting certain question types wrong? How long are you spending on passage? Are you reading linear or reverting back to what has been said after new pieces of information is presented?

    It could also just be burn out if it isn’t something that you have pinpointed after careful reflection.

  • gabes900-1gabes900-1 Alum Member
    855 karma

    I’m trying to get my RC consistent and I think it because of my lack of discipline to my process. So, maybe take a step back and reflect on your process too.

  • julielamberthjulielamberth Member
    12 karma

    Where are you losing points? In my experience students lose points because they 1) run out of time, 2) answer from memory instead of going back, 3) go back to the wrong place, or 4) go back to the right place and misread. I definitely support a very high level, quick read for structure - remember RC is an open book test. You should be able to answer globals after the first read, and then to use the question stems to go back and find the answers to other questions, instead of trying to memorize EVERYTHING when only about 15% ever gets tested.

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