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PT 65 LR Section in reverse order for Curriculum?

HarveySpectorHarveySpector Member
edited September 2021 in Technical Problems 129 karma

I did the full length section of LR from PT 65 that is part of the core curriculum. (After you finish all the LR lessons). But the questions were given to me in reverse order from 26,25,24...3,2,1 not 1-26. So the hardest questions were skewed towards to the front of the test and not the latter part of the test like a normal LR section. Does anyone know if this is on purpose or what the reasoning is for that? #HELP


  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    5740 karma

    Hi @HarveySpector,

    Sorry for the trouble.

    The pre-made Problem Sets in the Core Curriculum are currently arranged from easiest to hardest.

    For example, if you are working through the Weaken Questions in the Core Curriculum, you will find that Weaken Questions Problem Set 1 is the easiest Problem set in that section and Weaken Questions Problem Set 15 is the hardest Problem Set in that section. See the example screenshot below:


    However, we do not have any pre-made Problem Sets taken from PrepTest 65 as part of the Core Curriculum. You can only take a full LR section from a PrepTest by creating a custom Problem Set.

    I tried to reproduce the issue by creating a custom Problem Set with PT65.S4, but I was not able to. The questions appeared in the correct order, starting with question 1 and ending with question 26. See the screenshot below. Note that I blanked out the question and answer choices from the screenshot.


    To help us investigate the issue, can you let me know if you created a custom Problem Set with an LR section from PrepTest 65?

  • HarveySpectorHarveySpector Member
    129 karma

    Hi Juliet,

    Thank you for your reply. No, I didn't create a Problem Set I just did the practice LR full section that is part of the core curriculum. It is called "Single LR Section" and it is in the Core curriculum following the Point of Issue Problem Sets. If I was able to take a screen capture of the red square box for that LR section (like you have shown above) and post it here, you would see the reverse order from what you have posted. Mine were listed from 26-1 and that is how the questions were ordered when I took the full section.

    I am guessing that it was a mistake or a bug, hopefully that explains the issue. Cheers!

  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    5740 karma

    Hi @HarveySpector

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

    This may be a bug/mistake. I will let our development team know about it so they can investigate the issue.

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