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RC Tips

Hey everyone lately I have been scoring -2 on LR ,-1 LG and -7 on RC. Does anyone have tips I could use to help improve my RC score before the October test? I've found difficulty with the Authors Attitude and Analogy questions.


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    After each paragraph you read, take 10 seconds and do a quick mental summary + also see how it exists into relation w/ prior paragraphs + how you anticipate it to link up with further paragraphs

  • mngldoohairtaimngldoohairtai Monthly Member
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    I had one LSAT course teacher suggest that when it comes to the cultural passages, the author's view of the subject is almost always positive toward the cultural aspect in question (or person from that culture).

  • out-liar12out-liar12 Monthly Member
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    @mngldoohairtai I've heard this too. Powerscore says the LSAT always favors minorities as well.

  • mngldoohairtaimngldoohairtai Monthly Member
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    Yeah, it's obviously not the greatest piece of advice out there, but if you are struggling with author's opinion type questions, at least you know which way to lean when guessing.

  • AvocadoToast-2AvocadoToast-2 Monthly Member
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    I really appreciate all the advice , thank you! Good Luck on your tests!!

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