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-6 Blind Review and -15 Timed for LR

averyanna.jamesaveryanna.james Monthly Member
in General 15 karma

How do suggest I get to my BR score.

Currently, I drill the weak sections and take a timed LR section max 50mins. Then I blind review with wrong answer journal after each section. Trying to get down to -1 if possible, but it seems like the time is what's killing me. Any sugestions?

Currently using Loophole Method, read through PowerScore books, actively use PS online forum, and Manhattan Forum for review.


  • SergeeovSergeeov Monthly Member
    2 karma

    When are you taking the LSAT? The best way to improve your time is to take LR sections with the 35 min. time constraint as a hard cap no exceptions.

    Am I also reading your post correctly that you got -15 in 1 LR section with a 50 min. time limit?

  • luckysat1luckysat1 Alum Member
    167 karma

    -8 on LR without any time pressure at all (BR) speaks to some fundamental lack of understanding of multiple questions types.

    I don’t say that to be discouraging or disparaging, just to be honest. It’s not that it’s a “bad” score so much as it’s in the realm of a diagnostic — i.e a “pre-trained” score. If you’re getting -8 on BR, assuming you’re applying yourself fully, I would posit you probably don’t yet fully understand some or all of the following: Lawgic, flaw types, argument parts. Understanding those three to a high degree of competency and accuracy should alone give you enough to get to the region of around -4 or better on BR and certainly better than -10 on timed.

    So, basically, rather than trying to get to your BR score, I would go back to basics and work through the core curriculum.

    Best of luck.

  • averyanna.jamesaveryanna.james Monthly Member
    15 karma

    thank you both

  • taracoughlin1225taracoughlin1225 Monthly Member
    39 karma

    If you're finding you're ending the timed portion with extra time, one benefit might be to slow yourself down. I find that my scores tend to be better when I'm less focused on how much time I have left and more focused on the task at hand. One other trick I use is to note the questions I feel iffy about, make a quick guess, and come back to them. The fresh perspective usually helps me to comprehend the content and question, making choosing the right answer much easier.

    Hope this helps!

  • Facts_or_FeelingsFacts_or_Feelings Legacy Member
    edited October 8 167 karma

    You may be panicking during test conditions. Record your test conditions, write down what you feel immediately prior, during and after the test.

    You may be there conceptually and it is just mental stamina that you need work on.

  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Yearly Member
    711 karma

    Have you gone through the 7sage Core Curriculum?

  • averyanna.jamesaveryanna.james Monthly Member
    15 karma

    @"andrew.rsn" I did.

  • BlueRiceCakeBlueRiceCake Alum Member
    269 karma

    What type of questions are you struggling on the most?

    How confident are you in conditional reasoning?

    How confident are you in existential reasoning?

    How many problems/PTs have you done?

  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
    1399 karma

    It sounds to me like you might not be ready for timed sections. If you are unable to work out the answers untimed, adding the pressure of the clock will not help, and will most likely hurt you at this point.

    I would advise not taking any timed PTs, and spending some time really breaking down and understanding the stimuli, questions and ACs. I would also maybe eliminate some of your study materials, as using techniques from three or more test prep philosophies at once will confuse your process.

    Once you can start to see the patterns and answers untimed, getting down to -4 consistently, that might be an appropriate time to introduce the clock. If you do not already have one, finding a BR group or study buddy would be very helpful to further your understanding. It is amazing how much you learn when you have to explain your thinking to another person.

    Best of luck!

  • averyanna.jamesaveryanna.james Monthly Member
    15 karma

    thank you all.

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