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To RC 165+ scorers, do you have any daily/routine drills or habit to keep up your reading level

I am trying to balance my study for all three sections. Also I am noticing my RC score drop if I've not reading intensively for days. But since I've full-time job so I am figuring out what would be a good way to maintain my reading also balancing other sections and my work.

so do you do a full timed section everyday? or just one untimed passage with a deep dive review? or actually just reading books/magazine of your interest for few hours?

Thank you vey much for sharing!


  • Joseph PJoseph P Alum Member
    17 karma

    I just read. Preferably some moderately dense nonfiction. (Doesn't need to be academic, just analytic.) Keep track of the arguments in your head and that'll be more than enough to stay sharp.

  • carolinemp-1carolinemp-1 Alum Member
    77 karma

    In addition to reading the analytical, challenging, argument-driven stuff, I think it helps to read for pleasure. It gets my brain into text-processing mode and reminds me that I actually like reading. It also helps me avoid getting too bogged down in the specifics in RC and actually retain what I've read.

  • lsatpsatlsatpsat Alum Member
    57 karma

    It helps me to do perhaps 1-2 passages a day, on my non-RC days, just to keep sharp :). Alternatively, I'll go through passages i've done in the past but got more than 2 wrong, to actually practice applying the new skills I've learned/practice knowing where to read.

  • Leon-on-the-LsatLeon-on-the-Lsat Monthly Member
    384 karma

    Thanks! May I ask how much time you all read material outside this test everyday?

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