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get that bread

lsat_suslsat_sus Monthly Member
edited October 13 in General 1172 karma

Fam, can we just get that bread? Winner winner chicken dinner?

The LSAT is the easiest hard thing I've ever seen. It's literally reorienting my entire life and self-image. Holy quac-a-swolley.

The upside is that it transforms me into a monster that'll be equipped to respond to insecure mother fuckers who use dense and convoluted language. Instead of saying "I need to take a piss," the LSAT says "The human species' homeostatic process depends on metabolizing certain fluids and excreting them over the course of time. The metabolized fluids in your body cannot stay within the confines of your stomach linings, which requires an exit strategy via certain organs that vary by sex. I am in the point of the cycle where it needs release." Like b!tch. F(_)CK you. If ya gotta piss just say you gotta take a piss.

This test is simple but I just can't freaken crack it, but let's just get DAT BREAD. Don't succumb to this piece of plankton puke. Let's beat his ass!!


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