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LSAT Writing Help!

ivanka cuencaivanka cuenca Monthly Member
edited October 14 in General 52 karma

I've been soooo focused on studying for the LSAT that I never even bothered to prep for the writing section. Any tips to help prepare? I took the LSAT this past Sunday and I'm planning on doing the writing tomorrow.


  • a_pmorenoca_pmorenoc Monthly Member
    323 karma

    I wouldn't stress it too much, it's a fairly simple prompt and I would just focus on creating a good outline about what you'll be discussing ex. introduction/your selection of the options they provide, why you chose your option over the other/what are some good aspects about the alternative but why yours is better, conclusion regarding your overall stance on why you picked it based on its own merits and not referencing the other option

  • funtobeemilyfuntobeemily Monthly Member
    52 karma

    I took the LSAT writing in August. There are samples online you can practice as well as on LAWHUB and LSAC. Honestly, I did not prepare much. I just did a practice one a few days before the test and reviewed some samples on google. Basically, the prompt will be two options and you have to argue for one of the options using the information they give you. It is fairly straightforward and the only thing to review is how to structure the argument and the organization. If you look at a few sample answers and do a practice, you should be fine.

  • Socrates_Socrates_ Monthly Member
    34 karma

    @funtobeemily Thank you for the tip! Where did you find sample answers? I just did a quick google search and i can’t seem to find any good resources.

  • funtobeemilyfuntobeemily Monthly Member
    52 karma
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