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Experimental Section

agold224agold224 Monthly Member
in General 17 karma

Does anyone have recent experience with the experimental sections of the test? Are you able to tell which one it is?


  • LawyeringForLifeLawyeringForLife Alum Member
    270 karma

    You can only guess. To figure out which one it is, you need to discuss with other ppl and compare. For example: You had 2 LR and Jonny had 1. The matching one would be the real one. Caveat: I think back in June maybe they had 2 real LR with multiple questions that were the same subject matter but completely different. Doesn't seem to happen often, but LSAC can do that.
    Either way, treat every section as if it's real.

  • Tristan GTristan G Monthly Member
    34 karma

    Don't even bother trying to guess. If you add on analyzing question difficulty and comparing their legitimacy to "normal questions", you're adding on way more work for your mind for something that overwhelmingly unlikely to help your score. All you really get to know is what kind of experimental section you had, but not necessarily which specific section it was.

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