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Experimental Section

mrlsat180mrlsat180 Alum Member
edited March 2014 in General 118 karma
Is the experimental section before or after the break? because it'd be a disadvantage to have it before as it you'll be more fatigued for the remaining real sections. I did a PT with the experimental at the beginning and it really affected my performance.

Also for those that have done the test, is the break 10 minutes or 15 minutes? Might seem like a small detail but I want to replicate test conditions as closely as possible.


  • David WayneDavid Wayne Free Trial Member
    edited March 2014 571 karma
    It can come either before or after. Students have confirmed this from disclosed exams in which their first 3 sections were all scored, and with exams in which the experimental came in the first 3. Don't make any assumptions during your actual LSAT on test day; do every section as if it counts.

    A friend who took it in February told me they set a timer for 15 minutes for their break.
  • LSATislandLSATisland Free Trial Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    It can come before or after. Mine was before the break - the second section of the test. I believe the break was 15 minutes.
  • elliottcovertelliottcovert Free Trial Member
    33 karma
    It can be any of the five sections. It used to be that it was always one of the first three sections, but this enabled some people to figure out which of the first three sections was experimental. LSAT wised up to this and changed the format, so now it can be any of the five multiple choice sections.
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