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Those of you who experienced technical issues during the exam and had to reschedule

iasdkadfgiasdkadfg Monthly Member
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Did you wait for the system to be restored and take the test on the original date of your exam, and reschedule afterwards?


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    I was supposed to test Saturday the 9th around 1140am est., but was told to reschedule. I immediately emailed LSAC because their lines weren't working. After 3ish hours I got a hold of someone and they assigned (sent a request) me a new date and was told i'd get an email but I never got one. I read that some people rescheduled on ProctorU and I was able to do that and was able to test the next day.
    I didn't see anything on the test, couldn't even start it, but I do wish I would've waiting for a later date given how stressful my day was the day of my initial exam.

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