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LSAC October 2021 LSAT issue (never able to test)

ronald.maniece2ronald.maniece2 Monthly Member

Hey just wanted to reach out to see if anyone else in the community had issues with taking the October LSAT. The first time I tried to test, the system stopped working in the middle of the exam and I couldn't finish. I sent emails, called, and reported an issue with the exam and rescheduled. Then when it came time to retest, the proctorU system indicated that the original exam, that I couldn't finish, somehow processed as completed as scheduled. So I was unable to take the retake as scheduled. I reached out to LSAC to see how this can be resolved, but I've heard nothing back yet. I'm a little worried they could snub me on the money I paid, as well as the exam attempt. Was anyone else unable to take the October 2021 LSAT because of multiple technical issues with LSAC and ProctorU?

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