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158 score 3 times (realistic expectations for next test?)

thatruth28thatruth28 Member
in General 10 karma

I took the LSAT years ago and got a 158 and 159, I took it again this July after using 7sage and got 158 again. I know where I could have done better. My Logic games I just was drawing blanks on the first game and jumped to the next one, I feel pretty confident on the next 2 games but with the 4th and going back to the 1st I had about 7 minutes to complete. So with that had to take the time to get the easy for sure questions and guess on the back half with time running down for games 1 and 4.

Just wondering how much those two games probably hurt my score and any other advice besides just repetition of past games?

My RC is probably my strongest area I actually finished my section with about 6 minutes left to go back and play with a few I was unsure of, so not a lot of room for improvement there.
My LR is pretty solid there could be a little more improvement there, but the games is always what kill my score.


  • Mango_gogogoMango_gogogo Member
    77 karma

    I believe if RC is your strongest and LG is your weakest, then you just need to practice more on LG and you should be able to score 165+. RC has always been the hardest part.

  • kaydee_qskaydee_qs Core Member
    18 karma

    Definitely drill LG if that's your weakest section. It seems the general consensus is that LG is the most easily improved section anyway so, by fool-proofing game types, you'll reduce panic and can definitely increase your score at least a few points depending on when you re-test.

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