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I finished core course, what now?

OliviaClareOliviaClare Yearly Member
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Hi all!

Last month I finished all the core/prep material from 7sage. I took a practice test and got my best score ever (164!!) but now am struggling with what to do now. I looked at my practice test and saw the areas where I needed work and did some practice questions around those area, but I feel like it is not enough. What should I be doing in between practice tests to keep raising my score? I am feeling a bit aimless right now.


  • NowOrNever-1-1-1-1NowOrNever-1-1-1-1 Monthly Member
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    Practice Test ----> Blind Review -----> Identify area of weakness or problem type you got wrong more then others ----> Drill for a couple of days -----> Practice Test and repeat process.

    This is just my personal method but that's where I'm at right now after learning all the concepts.

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