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Early Decision Question!

Hey guys, I am wondering if anyone can help me gain any information on my situation. I don't really have anyone who can give me advice.
I am trying to choose where to apply an ED, and I am between two schools. For school A, I am over their 75% LSAT by one point, but below their 25% GPA by .1 points. For school B, I am above their 25% GPA by .1 and above their 75% LSAT by 3 points.
I feel like I have a strong resume and a passionate PS/DS, but I don't know how much my lower GPA will affect me. School A is my top choice, but School B offers full tuition if you are admitted through ED.
Can anyone give me advice on the likelihood I could get into school A even being below the 25% GPA? I know its tough without seeing my resume, LORs, and statements. But hoping to get some insight because I am conflicted.
Thank you to anyone who can help!


  • CSieck3507CSieck3507 Member
    1376 karma

    Go where the full tuition is. Nothing better than not having to pay for law school

  • CashhhyyyCashhhyyy Core Member
    583 karma

    It sounds like they might be ranked the same according to your information. I would go with the full scholarship. You'll thank yourself once you're done

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