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2 weeks from test day

Anyone have any advice on how to handle the last two weeks before test day? I'm planning on taking one or two more PT's over the next few days and then to focus more on drilling/reviewing before the November LSAT. My last 5 rolling PT's are averaging at my goal score, so I'm feeling like I'm less in the 'learning' mindset and more in the 'execution' one.

I'm pretty consistently going -0 to -2 on games, so I haven't been practicing it much these past few months. Loosely my plan is to really focus back in on games heading into the test, just to make sure I'm up to speed and not rusty. Not sure if I should continue taking full LR and RC sections or switch to drilling. Or just keep on keeping on with PTs.

How are you all preparing?


  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
    1488 karma

    I take one PT per week, BR that test, drill games daily to stay fresh, and review things I feel unsure or rusty about. Pretty much taking it easy, knowing I've already put the work in to succeed on test day.

  • JC to JDJC to JD Alum Member
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    Feeling the same confidence with games and am focusing more on LR issues (Flaws/PSA; always get me!). RC has been my real wild card. I have been consistently reading other dense materials daily to sort of keep my mind "stretched/warmed up" for the big day. Scheduled for Saturday morning like the old days, and I plan to just chill starting Thursday morning. Even took Friday off to have an extended weekend with Veteran's Day. Faith, confidence in my abilities, and some luck (would love to have 2LG's over 2RC's for the experimental!) will get me where I need to be on test day.

  • Mark D33Mark D33 Alum Member
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    I'm trying to do one PT on the weekend and one PT in the week if i can squeeze it in.

    Then try to do atleast one LG a day and one RC a day. I feel like these two are sections that benefit from constant repetition. If i go too many days without doing an RC i feel like I forget how to read lol. I also drill LR question types I am weakest at instead of doing full LR sections. Gonna be following this for the next 14 ish days. Wishing it goes well.

    Oh and don't do anything but chill the day before the test!

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