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Law Articles for Reading Comp

Sam-6Sam-6 Alum Member

Any tips for specifically the law articles in reading comp? All the other types of articles I have no problem on but I feel like I am completely missing everything but the main point of the law articles. Ironic with this being for a law test so I would really like to remedy!


  • mattscrappymattscrappy Alum Member
    edited November 2021 138 karma

    If you're able to connect with the main point of a law article but not the individual evidence, then you might not be reading each paragraph thoughtfully enough. You clearly understand the article as a whole, but not the individual pieces of evidence being used to support the main point. Try reading through the passage and try to pick out exactly how each paragraph supports this main point.
    For practice, maybe try treating each paragraph as an individual LR passage, then after you read the whole thing see how each one supports the who theme and conclusion of the passage.
    I think law articles can be the toughest because the lingo is often the least familiar compared to other types. Science is usually difficult for people for the same reason; navigating these new things can be a challenge, even though technically they aren't necessary to know.

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