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Rewrote the LSAT

Squeen123Squeen123 Monthly Member
edited November 2021 in November 2021 LSAT 38 karma

I had a question, I rewrote my lsat yesterday and I was wondering what will happen to my previous LSAT score?


  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1416 karma

    @Squeen123 I have the same question as well and received an email from LSAC today. I am not sure if I need to respond to the email as I already let LSAC know I did the November retest and would like keep score no matter what.

  • areej_fareej_f Alum Member
    18 karma

    From what I know your previous LSAT score stays on file (unless you pay and cancel it - though I don't know too much about this process!) However when you apply to law schools they just look at your highest LSAT score.

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