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Only if I go cruse word crazy

MoosaderMoosader Alum Member

(via Trainer)

Find assumption to make legit:

Kermit is a frog. Therefore, he love green long time.

Right: One is a frog only if one loves green. Translation: In order to be a frog one must love salsa verde.

Wrong: One loves green only if one is a frog. Translation: All the salsa verde lovers, are frogs. (but not all the frogs love verde salsa)

I'm struggling with translating the "wrong" statement. It just don't make no sense ricky bobby, and the worst part is it did two days ago. When I don't intentionally think about for like 2 minutes, it seems like the right and wrong statement are saying the same thing.

I know that "if" statements read left to right and "only if" states read right to left (or you just move the if in front of the first clause), but it's hard for me to understand.

This has probably been covered before...but advice is best only if it is fresh. (see what I did there. see it.)

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