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There is hope..

a_pmorenoca_pmorenoc Member
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Just wanted to put it out there, that it is possible to reach your goal scores!! I'm a horrible standardized test taker and struggle deeply with ADHD and generalized anxiety disorder. It's been a challenge pushing myself out of my comfort zone but it's all been worth it, seeing that 179 PT result after being in a plateau in the high 160s for weeks and starting from a diagnostic of 141 in April 2021. We're all capable of great things, sometimes we just have to take a step back and recognize how far we've come. I know that I've been my own worst critic but here's to not doubting our potential!

Best of luck everyone!


  • Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
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    Amen!! Thanks so much. Rooting for you!

  • LawSchool8LawSchool8 Member
    192 karma

    Any tips overall or for RC/LR?

  • a_pmorenoca_pmorenoc Member
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    @LawSchool8 said:
    Any tips overall or for RC/LR?

    The biggest thing for LR I'd say was noticing trends, often times it's not as simple as a certain question type that gives you trouble, and you have to recognize those to make larger strides. For myself for example, it was always 3-5 questions I'd miss from the end of the section which are typically more difficult, so I would work backward from a section and focus on 10-15 questions/day with BR. By focusing on the more difficult questions, I not only got more confident where I had issues but also became so much quicker at completing the first 12 questions that I could spend more time making sure I was reading the stimulus correct--on that note, a lot of silly mistakes I'd make was just misreading a word in the stimulus or answer choice, so really try to capitalize on the easier questions you can get faster. For RC, since it was my most volatile, instead of just doing timed sections, I would slow down and analyze how I was reading the passages in a section and pause after every paragraph to make mental notes about the topic/point of views/framework/tone. I stopped underlining/highlighting as it just wasted so much time for me and I found that doing very low resolution summaries on each paragraph on my scrap paper was super helpful
    ex. Para 1: -topic ___
    -author POV at line 5
    Para 2: -old vs. new theory explanation
    Para 3: -pros and cons of old theory
    These brief notes/words helped remind me of where everything was in terms of organization and made me pause after every paragraph to take in what I had just read so I could recall info better during the questions without having to frantically search for keywords/ideas. Lastly, accuracy is key on RC, if you don't understand a whole passage, the questions won't be any easier so slow down, take your time reading the passage and you'll get better at picking out the supported answer choices from the text--learning to go from -7 to -2 on RC for me was speeding up only on the last passage when time was running out and had about 3 questions left that I could guess/be 80% confident in but better than letting so many other points go! Hope this helped a bit :)

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