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What does a typical study week look like for you?

Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
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Hi everyone!

Recently, I've found myself wanting to know how others study and incorporate practice tests in a week. I often find myself getting frustrated when I am not able to stick to my weekly goals. Granted, quality study is greater than quantity, but I thought it'd be helpful to see how others set goals and manage their study in a week :) Would love to know what ya'll do! Thanks!


  • I’m not sure if this is helpful or not but I started studying with the LSAT trainer schedule and I supplement the practice drills with the 7sage custom problem sets because they have the explanations and are much easier than going through the book with paper and pencil. I’m sort of at the end of LSAT trainer’s 16 week schedule and only doing 1-2 PTs per week with a lot of review and drilling specific question types.

  • a_pmorenoca_pmorenoc Alum Member
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    For myself, being able to break into the high 160s-170s was all about reviewing and practicing my weaknesses (typical, I know). If you're scoring in the mid 150s at least, I'm sure you have the foundations down and what will help you increase your score is sitting down with questions you got wrong and without looking at the right answers, keep at it until it clicks. It was so tempting to want to know the right answer and just say "okay now I get it" but that wasn't actually helping. That being said, I don't recommend just drilling sections after sections if you're getting quite a few questions wrong or see a trend. For instance, I take 1-2 PT's a week, the day after the PT, I will blind review and analyze those questions I flagged and contemplate life until I understand what I did wrong. Then I create a study plan based on my strengths/weaknesses--my strength is LG so I would limit myself to doing 1 timed game (5 star difficulty)/day just so I don't regress. LR, it was always 3-5 questions I'd miss from the end of the section which are typically more difficult, so I would work backward from a section and focus on 10-15 questions/day with BR. Lastly, for RC, it was my most volatile, so instead of just doing timed sections, I would slow down and analyze how I was reading the passages in a section and pause after every paragraph to make mental notes about the topic/point of views/framework/tone. I would do my best to remain close to the allotted time but if I took a bit longer, I didn't sweat it. Your strengths/weaknesses may be different so adjusting this regimen to your needs is advised of course, and moral of my rant is that you don't have to be doing crazy amounts of PT's and timed sections to see big improvements, a lot of it is about recognizing your thought process on right/wrong answers and making changes to what you focus on in the day so you're not beating yourself up trying to keep up with a loaded schedule :)

  • itonydelatorreitonydelatorre Monthly Member
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    Friday I take a full PT. Throughout the weekend, I will blind review. Ill try to grab my dad or a friend if they are willing to help, treat them to coffee and lunch and I will go through the Logic Review and Reading Comp sections with them, and I'll try and justify why every answer is right or wrong to them. I found that having to justify my answers to other people really helps me notice all the tricks that are employed. if you have someone willing to help, I'd definitely try to review with them. At least the LR section. They also keep me accountable. I can't get bored and just phone in a review when it's with someone. I'll review games myself.

    Monday I will take it easy, since it's monday :( and I spent all weekend reviewing. I won't do much studying, if any at all, but I'll plan out the next three days. Ill look at what went wrong on the most recent PT. And decide what I need to work on. Specific Question types, stuff like that. Then Ill so some drills tuesday, wednesday and thursday.

    Back to friday and repeat. I personally feel like If I do 2 PTs a week, I don't have time to thoroughly review them, and then actually focus on what went wrong. Id rather really get my moneys worth on each.

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