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Adapting: RC Notation Strategies

I am currently finishing up the core curriculum and have been struggling with the fact that a lot of the circling/side margin notation strategies are no longer applicable to the current state of the LSAT :(

I know myself to be a visual learner. So as someone who definitely would've been circling/scribbling little low res margin notes over the passage if it were still physical, i am struggling to find ways to break up the passages on the digital LSAT. My strategy for tackling the core curriculum has been to try and mirror J.Y.'s explanations/strategies. But personally i feel like all the circling and drawing lines between concepts that he does (that we are no longer able to do) plays a big role in that and my understanding.

Does anyone have suggestions on how they've adapted to this change for RC? or is it simply just training my short-term memory to adapt to this change?

Many Thanks!


  • AlexJ_LSATAlexJ_LSAT Monthly Member
    edited January 2022 141 karma
    1. Use the blank piece of paper for keyword notes for each paragraph and/or mid-paragraph.
    2. Highlight key terms/quotations.
    3. Highlight main conclusions.
    4. For some passages, it is beneficial to draw quick sketches of terms being described. (see PT85, RC Passage 4, descriptions of subduction/plate tectonics)
    5. Relax your mind. It is good to practice your memory skills for the RC passages.
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