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Can I sign up for the LSAT after my application is already marked "complete"?

ren_2021ren_2021 Monthly Member
edited January 24 in Law School Admissions 28 karma

I already submitted my applications with an LSAT score already on file, but now I'm considering signing up for a future LSAT to improve my score. Will applications that are already marked "complete" still be considered even though I have an upcoming test date on file or will they put me on hold? Is this something I need to email the admissions office about?


  • CarrytheBoats-1-1-1CarrytheBoats-1-1-1 Monthly Member
    82 karma

    From what I understand you should reach out to admissions so that they don't review your application based on the current score if you think it'll put you in a "reject pile" right away.

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