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anyone else having trouble putting a PT together?

The_RiseThe_Rise Alum Member
edited October 2013 in General 283 karma
I'll have PT's where I'll bomb a games section, and do pretty good on all the others.
I'll have a PT where I bomb reading comp, and the other sections go not bad
I'll have a pt where I bomb an LR sect and do MEH on games, but have a good RC and other LR sect

Almost all of my PT's lately have been like this, I cannot put a full PT together. I'll do good on some sections, bad on others, and it just varies from section to section per PT to PT. anyone else having this issue?


  • Litian.ChenLitian.Chen Free Trial Member
    136 karma
    just got my Oct LSAT score. bombed my 2nd LR section. Retaking it in December with confidence :)

    It is inevitable if you are an imperfect LSAT taker (aren't we all are)..just do your best to cut down missings in your weak sections.
  • KatherineKatherine Alum Member
    136 karma
    Hi Kyuka,

    When you say that you're "bombing" a section- do you mean that you're not having time to finish, or you're just making a lot of errors? Is the section usually at the beginning or the end of the PT? I guess I was just wondering if there were any patterns you could find...if it's timing or PT fatigue, or distractions or nerves. My main issue is still finishing the sections, so my focus has been timing. Hopefully there's something that you can pinpoint. If not, just keep up your practice, and you will see results.

    - K
  • Lawrence WongLawrence Wong Free Trial Member
    7 karma
    It's possible that was by design. Often times if there is an 'easy' section, other sections will be harder to compensate. LSAT writers are smart, if you're doing poorly on 1 section and well on the other 3 and your score is constant, it might just be that's they way they made it.
  • The_RiseThe_Rise Alum Member
    283 karma
    Katherine ,

    I mean I am making a lot of errors - I cannot pin point whether or not it is the order of the sections, that doesn't seem to make a difference because my last section was my best (reading comp) and one of the LR's was my worst and it was the very first section. Not sure whats goin on here! Its been inconsistent like that for most of my PT's
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